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What is the tidal bore?

The tidal bore is the first sign of the incoming tide and it occurs, roughly, every 12.5 hours. The tidal bore can be anywhere from a slight ripple in the water to a 10 foot wall of water (in narrow parts of the river) during extreme tides. Once the tidal bore passes through, waves will begin to form over shallow parts of the river (usually sand bars). The waves, that are created from the incoming tide, only last for a short period of time until there is too much water. It is our job, as your tour guides, to read the river and create the best experience possible for you. While we chase these waves down the river you can expect to get a ride like no other. Our guides have over 7 years experience and know how to customize each tour to suit the riders. If you’re a first timer or have children in your group and you just want to ease into it, we can do that! But if you think you’ve seen and done it all, just let your tour guide know and we can help you out! Either way, we have a treat in store for you! We hope to see you soon!

Ride with the Wranglers

With years of experience our guides are committed to your safety. Reading the river and traveling as a pack they will create the best experience possible for you. While they chase the waves in the river you can expect to have a ride like no other. Each of our tours includes the opportunity to partake in a fun local activity, mud-sliding. Exactly as it sounds, indulge your inner child as you slide down the silky smooth mud slopes of the Shubie River. Make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind tie-dying to match the mud.

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What people are saying about Shubie River Wranglers

Emmett helped book us last minute for a ride today and although I’ve been to a few other tidal bore adventure tours in the area this was easily the best!

Emmett was entertaining, very accommodating and knew how to chase and deliver the best swells I’ve experienced yet!

I’ll only use Shubie River Wranglers for future outings.

Very highly recommended!


I was so not looking

forward to doing this and basically got coerced into going, - Sooooo glad I did it!!

We had a blast lots of action, lots of fun and laughs and Devon was a fantastic tour guide!!

Thank you so much!!

Will definitely be back again!


You have to experience this for yourself but believe me, you will not regret it.

It is the most fun you can pack into one afternoon.

The rafting, the floating down the river and of course the mud sliding is a uniquely Canadian experience.

Emmett is an awesome guide and you will enjoy yourself thoroughly! I am already planning my next trip!




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